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“Whoever does not miss
the Soviet Union has no heart.

Whoever wants it back
has no brain.”

Vladimir Putin

AW Collection

 “Anyone who visited the Soviet Union before its collapse in the 1990s would know that a trip to the land of Communism always began in one of the Intourist offices.”


„Since my very first travel to a country of the Soviet Union, it has been Latvia in 2000, I fell in love with these places. It may sound odd for the one or the other, since neither Latvia, nor Uzbekistan or Russia are being considered today as a great travel or leisure destination for most of the people, but for me, these countries became a source of inspiration. Inspiration, even from a historical perspective, that societies can function in a different way. Just different. Since then, I am trying to understand the cultural journey this region has taken, and very soon I stumbled over Intourist. A state owned and state initiated travel agency to promote destinations in the Soviet Union. However, the makers of Intourist understood very soon that the way of triggering travelers to the motherland of socialism needs to be adjusted to their customers. 


On this website you can see my constantly growing collection of original Intourist Travel posters. I love them."

Sergey Sakharov
Sergey Igumnov
Maria Nesterova-Berzina
L´ Armenie Sovietique
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